Tuesday, 26 August 2008

IE (Internet Explorer)

In my enthusiasm to move full-time to Linux I missed a crucial element of my system: IE!
Kinda useful to have for testing my sites (as I discovered recently when I used another machine to check the notoriously awkward in IE float properties of <img>!).

Yes, I know IE is a MS/Windows product

I've now got IEs4Linux running now on FC8 sans-problem.
Had a few issues to start with, first off IE7 crashed the installer. Untick the option for IE7 and it installed no problem.

Launch it from command line, and I get some version of IE seeming to appear.

Apparently IE4linux runs IE5 & 6.

Couple of issues though -
Seems to open a window with no address bar/menus/navigation buttons, is that normal?!
How do I specify which IE to launch?
No IE 7 (is 8 out yet?).

I need alternative way of using IE7+. Is the only option a windows box (kinda defeats the whole point of moving to Linux!) or is there some other option?

VM of some sort running windows?

Ideas on a postcard please!
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Saturday, 23 August 2008

IE running on Linux?

Tonight I was tinkering with a website (www.yhjudo.org.uk) and it occurred to me that I should probably test with IE.

Now since I have moved my full-time platform to Fedora Linux this would prove awkward as it doesn't have IE installed (duh!).

Thankfully, some folks that understand WINE a whole lot better than me have kindly created this page of instructions here:

Ran through that not a problem. Until I ran the GUI IE installer and selected IE7 to be installed, it died. Tried again without IE7 option ticked and I now have a working IE. :)

Strange thing is, it doesn't seem to have menus, buttons or address bar. So how to actually use it is anyones guess!