Sunday, 2 March 2008

Today I discovered to wonderful world of customising the panels in Gnome. So after lots of fiddling and panels everywhere I've got something behaving in a way I like. Lovely.

I'm easily distracted! The original aim was to get the music player (Rythmbox) to write to an external media, namely my phone, so I can easily dump a load of music on it before heading out to gym or whatever. Not as easy as I had hoped. While I've got RhythmBox managing all my mp3s and fiddled about with playlists etc I dont seem able to get it to write them to the phone.

Fedora recognises the phone and pops up the explorer window quite happily so that's not the problem... it seems this audio manager/player can't write tracks to an external device. That can't be right?!
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