Monday, 2 February 2009

Laptop now on FC10

It wasn't without issues but I now have Fedora10 running on my laptop.

I tried installing using ext4 filesystem.

The WiFi setup was a nightmare, using the system admin options for network (as root) simply refused to do what I wanted I was probably using it wrongly!

Finally found some errors around writing to disc in the logs. Something to do with ext4 so I tried a format with ext3 to try FC10 on ext3. Half way through the process the hdd starts making a horrendous squeeling noise. I guess it's dead! Must be something to do with the power issues this laptop has meaning the disc has been clobbered by random power offs!

So, a replacement disc (I had a 20Gb one laying around) and a reinstall of FC10 and things went a bit smoother. I tried installing an ext4 system in the hope the issues I had before were down to bad disc rather than ext4 issues.

Started up ok, but still a real struggle with the WiFi card (PCMCIA). I added the firmware in the right place and everything!

I then discovered a new button on my Gnome panel, options for network can be set per user by that button. After a bit of friggin about I worked.
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