Monday, 1 June 2009

Playing with DynDNS

My router is an older one. But it was a good one when I chose it, still does the job even if it can't support latest WiFi encryption tech (so have to rely on WEP!).

What it dows support however is out of the box dynamic DNS. So having a play with it last night and getting some odd results.

If I give my browser the magic URL it goes out, get redirected to my router, which passes the request to a http instance on my LAN (I assume the first one it finds) and passes results back to the browser. So as a proof of concept, I'm happy.

Now the server it is finding is my dev server, which I have not yet put any effort into nailing down http.conf so it displays the default 'welcome to fedora/apache instance' page. Not good.

Simple thinks I, I only want Dynamic DNS for use with SSH so I'll turn on firewall blocking of all ports but the ssh port.

Added to IPTables config on the macine and (re)started IPTables but still the machine seems to be serving out html from httpd :(

Looked at whether I could block incoming requests by port in the router firewall, but not found the options I need yet. I'm sure they should be there somewhere.

Maybe playing with these things at 1 in the morning is not such a good idea :/
Needless to say I switched off DynDNS in my router and PC is now off :P
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