Thursday, 9 August 2012

DigiKam and Fedora 17

Since Picasa support for Linux has been withdrawn by Linux (it was only ever partial support tbh as it runs under Wine) I've been on the lookout for new photo management software.

I've tried Shotwell, that seems to do a reasonable job but not comprehensive. It would be ok if I hadn't been pointed towards DigiKam by a blog entry somewere comparing packages.

Both shotwell and digikam can be installed direct from the Fedora repositories using yum.

DigiKam seems to have a much greater range for features. Shotwell worked well enough, what it does it does well. I'm going to try DigiKam for a while now and see how I get on.

One quirk of DigiKam in Fedora 17 is that out of the box there didn't seem to be anyway to export images to another folder ready for burning to disc or uploading to a website.

A bit of reading later and an installation of "kipi-plugins" later I seem to have a plethora of export options.
I now have options to upload images directly to a variety of website (Flickr, Facebook, ImgShack, PicassaWeb, SmugMug the list goes on and on!) as well as local export (eg as HTML presentation, email client, IM client ....) but still not yet found a simple "take these photos and export to this place on disc" option!

It does seem odd to me that such fundamental functionality isn't included in DigiKam straight from the repositories. Even if that was just a matter of saying kipi-plugins is a dependency of DigiKam.

Found it!
Apparently to export files to a local directory I have to go through "export -> Export to remote computer". Hardly intuitive but it works!
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