Friday, 24 January 2014

ASP, XSP, Apache, mod_mono and Fedora 20

It's been a while since I posted here. I've not given up on my project, in fact I'm still very happy with Linux and the Fedora distribution. I've just not been doing anything particularly interesting with it recently.

So why the post? Well I've come into contact with an ASP project I need to make some changes to.

PHP? fine, it runs under Apache.
Java? no problem, I can run that under Tomcat.

So I've landed myself a bit of work on an old website, yay. The site is running on ASP of some sort, boo.

Of course I'm running Fedora with Apache not Windows with IIS.

A bit of reading leads me to all sorts of old pages about XSP and running mod_mono under Apache. I tried getting mod_mono to interpret the asp scripts I've downloaded, but Apache can't find mod_mono plugin.

I really don't care if ASP ends up running under Apache or some other server, in fact in some ways I'd rather use a standalone ASP server. Which is where XSP comes in.

XSP is a small service/server that should enable serving up of ASP scripts as I understand it.

Installed ok with yum. Then when it comes to running it, it seems to be a simple matter of running it in the project directory.

At localhost:8080 I get a 404 page which is clearly being served up by the xsp server, so that appears to be running at least.

When I try to hit one of the scripts (localhost:8080/default.asp), rather than getting anything vaguely like a nice webpage, I get the ASP code as text. So no ASP processing has occurred.

There is no output in the terminal running the server, nor in the /var/log directory.

This one could run for a while I suspect....

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