Monday, 18 February 2008

Yum loving

Decided to leave the WiFi card thing for a bit... I don't *need* it sorting so it can wait. Maybe I'll just keep eyes open for a one with 'proper' Linux support.

In the mean time, a bit of tinkering and I've got my Apache http working with PHP stuff.

Isn't yum great?!
Tell this program I want xyz, and off it jolly well goes and fetches and installs them automagically.

So a 'yum install php-xml' installed the php xml libraries. Brilliant.

Same for mplayer, as the Totem player that ships with the install doesn't have a lot of codecs installed. While easy to add them, it costs. So now I need to figure out where to change the default player for video files to mplayer instead of Totem.

Then I need to think wether I need Totem at all.
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