Saturday, 10 May 2008

Found a new headache...

Something that is taken for granted by so many in Windows land looks like it may cause headaches in Linux land.

Apparently Linux distros don't ship with DVD playing software by default, something to do with regionality/encryption/copyright stuff.

There are plenty of players out there it seems though...

Totem (installed by default)
gXine (Gnome GUI version of xine)

...are all now installed on my machine, but still unable to play the DVD I have to hand (Red Dwarf). While trying to open the DVD for playback with command line mplayer I noticed a comment about something not being supported by the graphics card and causing it to die. So I aquired new graphics card drivers from ATI website (radeon 9600 card), installed painlessly and ran the auto config tool.

Now once X restarts hopefully I will be using the new drivers....or it'll all die horribly. See you on the flip side!

I've also now added Flock. A browser, based on Firefox with a bunch of extra bits and bobs. To get it working I needed to install and extra file with yum ([root@yeti ~]# yum install and so now I can run Flock from /usr/local/flock/flock.

Not ideal, so a right click on the Gnome panel and a bit of input later and I have a working 'open Flock' button on my Panel. Just a shame Flock didn't come with an installer that added it to menus etc for me.
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