Sunday, 1 June 2008


So I finally got round to looking into getting my printer setup and working.
It's a HP 3310 WiFi all-in-one jobby, nice machine. Only hope I can get it working under Fedora Core now!

I have switched off auto yum updates as on those occasions when my internet connection went down my computer would take ages to get going. Seems yum trying to connect (but failing) was the cause of the delay.

So run an update to make sure I'm up to date before looking to install printer gubbins.

Seems hplip is what I want:

But before installing that, I think I'll check with yum that it doesn't know where to get it first:
[root@yeti ~]# yum whatprovides *hplip*

Seems yum doe know about hplip, results from aboove:
fedora                    100% |=========================| 2.1 kB    00:00    
adobe-linux-i386          100% |=========================|  951 B    00:00    
updates                   100% |=========================| 2.3 kB    00:00    
filelists.sqlite.bz2      100% |=========================| 5.8 MB    00:23    
hpijs.i386 : HP Printer Drivers
hplip.i386 : HP Linux Imaging and Printing Project
hplip-gui.i386 : HPLIP graphical tools
hplip-gui.i386 : HPLIP graphical tools
hplip.i386 : HP Linux Imaging and Printing Project
hpijs.i386 : HP Printer Drivers
hpijs.i386 : HP Printer Drivers
hplip.i386 : HP Linux Imaging and Printing Project

Of those, only hplip-gui.i386 was not already on my system, so added it (# yum install hplip-gui.i386).

Now to get the computer talking to printer using those packages.
Tried launching the GUI setup from the HP item in the fedora menu, but that failed with an error about su/sudo so figure it must be a permission thing. So rather than try and sort it properly, I return to the command line....

[dafoot@yeti ~]$ su -
[root@yeti ~]# hp-setup

That started a GUI that took me through the process and successfully printed a test page. It failed to detect my printer automatically though, but once I told the GUI setup the IP for the printer, the rest was straight forward.

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