Thursday, 16 July 2009

Battling with syncing

Time has come to try to figure out synchronising my mobile with my Fedora desktop calendar program.

For no reason other than it's the default in Fedora, I'm using Evolution as my local calendar program. I have a Nokia N85 and a Google calendar.

Somehow I want to get them all talking/synchronised with each other.

Using open sync and some other stuff ( I successfully got my N85 talking nicely to my FC11 64bit machine, even managed to do a sync of calendar. Once.

More recently I have been consistently getting an error on running the sync tool (see page linked above) rather than a successful sync. Started playing with google calendar, that has a similar but not identical error which makes me think something might have been confused (corrupted) with Evolution.

More so as when I tried to modify a new appointment in Evolution to be weekly with no end date Evolution crashed. And continued to every time I tried to modify that event to be repeating.

Which leads me to think that maybe the sync error is actually evolution getting confused by appoinments in my phone that repeat indefinately. Though that wouldn't fit with not being able to sync with Google unless the Evolution state is so messed up it can't transmit it's data because it got busted on that original (apparently successful) sync.

Seems this bug in Evolution with repeating appts is known and should be fixed in next minor release.... 2.26.3 (I'm on 2.26.2 now). So it's a matter of wait and see now to see if that new version sorts it once it hits the Fedora repositories.
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